Stan Golovchuk, freelance photography Chicago. 

Are you looking for a freelance Photographer in Chicago?

Hi I'm Stan, a freelance photographer based in Chicago. All photos on this site are my work and shot with my Canon 6D camera at restaurants, venues, and other locations across Chicago and the suburbs. 

I specialize in high volume assignments such as corporate events, weddings, conventions, parties, and performance arts. I am also equipped to photograph high speed environments such as sports, or low light subjects such as bars and music venues.

If you have any questions about my work, or to schedule a photo shoot, please fill out the short form on my contact page

My photography career has spanned more than 10 years, including photo journalism for news websites and print publications, event marketing photography, and personal services for families and private organizations. 

I currently live in Chicago's Logan Square neighborhood, and have lived in and around Chicago for almost 30 years - previously moving between Rogers Park, Gold Coast, and Skokie. I graduated from Loyola University Chicago in 2011 with a degree in journalism and media production. Since then, my professional career has bridged news, PR, sales, and digital marketing. Feel free to ask me about digital content production, SEO, and web design.  

In my free time, I produce travel and culture photography for my blog, Medium Gallery, or lie on the floor taking pictures of my cat. If we ever meet in person, I love talking about recent movies I've seen, TV shows I'm obsessed with, or the last Magic: The Gathering tournament I played. I can also suggest fun Chicago nightlife, date spots, and cool local bands. I spend a lot of time exploring local bars, restaurants, and art venues (and photographed my fair share of them, as well). 

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